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Dipan takes part in Net’Léman

The 8th edition of Net’Léman took place on Saturday 21 May and Sunday 22 May in 12 different locations around Lake Geneva.

Thanks to the efforts of over 1,000 volunteers, more than nine tonnes of waste were collected—a lower number than in the previous edition in terms of weight, but the volume remained stable. Less than 15 metres from the shore, 240 divers collected waste in chilly waters, with temperatures under 14°C. Waste included shopping trolleys, bicycles, scooters, batteries, tyres, iron bars and fishing nets, which are still mainly concentrated around the pier. The 780 volunteers on shore collected a considerable amount of plastic waste, such as containers, packaging, polystyrene, and PET bottles, in addition to aluminium cans, glass bottles, caps and countless cigarette butts carelessly left behind. In terms of raising awareness, more than 700 people learned how to reduce plastic waste, with special thanks to the Net’Léman village, which was held over the weekend at the English garden in Geneva.

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